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Java DAO Transaction Framework is intended for the Developers.

In general, developers forget to close or release the database connections while writing DAO's, which leads to problems. Also sometimes developer needs to run the DAO queries in a Transaction where in, he try to pass the database connection to all the methods by setting its autocommit to false.

Main use of this framework is, to handle the getting and releasing/closing the database connections automatically and to avoid passing the database connection object to all the dao's which needs to run in a Transaction. User can just call the beginTransaction and endTransaction methods, which ensures that all the DAO's called in between these two methods will by default run in a Transaction.

Java DAO Transaction Framework  can be plugged into any Java / J2EE project, where plain DAO's are used to interact with the database. There is an optional transaction support for the DAO's. User can choose to run the DAO's with in a Transaction.

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